2022 Luxury Wishlist – Louis Vuitton Edition

Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

Let\’s talk about items I\’d like to check out at Louis Vuitton.

I\’ve been thinking about what I would add to my luxury wishlist for 2022, but I have not completed it and it is already March. I took a look back at my wishlist I made last year, and I purchased one thing from it: the Dooney & Bourke Florentine Mini Satchel (I love it!). I\’ve decided I am going to do something different than a wishlist. At least right now. I\’ll most likely get back into making a wishlist later this year or next year.

I want to take a look at different brands and take a look at the different items that have intrigued me from those brands. Similar to the wishlist I made from Coach last year, but I want to go into more as to why I\’m intrigued by the item.

Why Louis Vuitton first? When I have attempted to create a wishlist for this year, Louis Vuitton items seem to be in the majority. The only item I own from Louis Vuitton is the 6 ring key holder and it is a favorite purchase of mine. So here are the items I\’d like to check out at Louis Vuitton:

Neverfull MM monogram: For the longest time, I thought if I were to ever get a Neverfull, I would get the damier ebene print. I hadn\’t been the biggest fan of the monogram until recently. I have the Gucci Ophidia tote and have no issue carrying that. The 6 ring key holder I have is monogram and I\’m very happy I chose that one. Also, I feel like this is the perfect tote for the summer with the monogram and the patina leather. The recent price increase is not ideal, but I don\’t think that will stop me from getting it someday.

Speedy 25 damier ebene: As much as I love the monogram for the Neverfull, I am not there to love it on the speedy. At least not the canvas versions. There is something about the monogram canvas speedy I just don\’t like. Now, the denim speedy, that is another story. I think that bag is gorgeous. I might find myself ending up with a bunch of different Speedys before it is all said and done. Also, I want the classic version here. I know the bandouliere might be more practical, but I want to use the speedy as it was intended. I\’m all about the top handle bags right now, so why not get one of the classics. I\’ve linked the 25, but I\’m debating between that one and the 30.

Alma BB damier ebene: The classic styles continue. I had this on my wishlist I created last year. It is still on my mind, but I think the speedy has come to the top of the list. At least as of today. Another bag I would prefer the damier ebene print in. I\’m also liking the colorful epi leather versions. Like this green one.

Pochette Metis: When I was getting back into looking at handbags again, this was one of the first ones that caught my eye. I became a little obsessed. I was able to scratch the itch a bit when I purchased my two Coach Cassies, but I still think about this one. I\’m not sure which version I would choose either. They are all just so pretty.

Odeon PM monogram: I just started thinking about this bag lately. I\’d definitely prefer it in monogram. It seems like such a practical everyday bag. The only decision I would need to make is if I want the strap in natural or black. That doesn\’t seem like an easy decision.

Keepall XS: This bag is adorable. And the denim version seems to want my attention.

Zippy Coin Purse monogram: Moving away from bags, I have been looking at this coin purse for quite some time. It might just be time to finally pull the trigger. Again, I am looking at getting it in the monogram. The maxi sized initials one is also intriguing. And of course there is the denim version. I\’m going to end up getting something from the denim collection. I just know it.

Sarah Wallet: I was looking at long wallets last year when I got my Gucci Tote. I ended up getting one from the Coach Outlet I don\’t even use anymore. I\’m back to thinking about the Sarah Wallet. There is always the question of if I need a long wallet. I might like the idea of one more than actually needing one. We\’ll see.

Key Pouch monogram: I feel as if there are LV staples to have and this seems to be one of them. This was almost not on the list. I just checked the website and it said it was in stock. After trying to add it to my cart, the website told me this item was out of stock. Guess I\’ll just have to wait.

Card Holder monogram reverse: I will not be surprised if this is the next luxury item that I purchase. I have a few card holders, but this one seems to have more length to the ones I have. Which may help in getting the card out. The monogram reverse would add variety in my collection since it seems I like a lot of monogram these days.

Coin Card Holder gun metal: This card holder is in the men\’s section and I have a similar one from Coach. I saw this gun metal color recently and my goodness, I\’m digging it. Now, I am not a matchy person. I don\’t need my wallet to match my bag. I\’d actually prefer it if they didn\’t match. Having a Gucci monogram tote and an LV monogram wallet or vice versa, that is the kind of life I live. But I do feel like the browns in the Gucci and LV go together. I don\’t own many things that this card holder would at least semi match. I think I\’m going to need to see it in person. The fiery red color is nice as well.

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