A Discovery of Witches chapters 7 - 11
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A Discovery of Witches Chapters 7 – 11 Discussion

Welcome to the another eposide of Such a Fun Read’s deep dive discussion into the world of All Souls! We will be diving into and reading A Discovery of Witches chapters 7- 11. In this episode, we dive into the characters, the story, and the mysteries unfolding in this book. From Diana’s reluctance to embrace her magic to Matthew’s enigmatic past, we unravel the secrets and lore of this enchanting world.

A Discovery of Witches chapters 7 - 11

Manuscript Section:

We started with Chapter 7, where Diana and Matthew’s relationship takes a new turn as they share breakfast and a yoga class. Diana’s reluctance to embrace her witch heritage and Matthew’s mysterious past with scientific research set the stage for future conflicts. In Chapter 8, we see Diana grappling with her growing magical abilities and the presence of other supernatural beings at the yoga class.

Congregation Section:

Key events included Diana’s interactions with Peter Knox and Gillian Chamberlain, shedding light on her parents’ mysterious deaths and the significance of Ashmole 782. The Bodleian Library and historical figures like King Henry VIII and Isaac Newton added depth to the story.

Rapid Fire Section:

We discussed three characters: Hamish Osborne, a daemon and Matthew’s close friend; Peter Knox, a powerful and ambitious witch; and Gillian Chamberlain, a traditionalist witch with a disdain for Diana. Looking forward, we anticipate more revelations about Diana’s parents’ deaths and her burgeoning magical abilities.

Favorite Quote:

“Nobody really wants to keep secrets, not even the dead. People leave clues everywhere.” – Diana, highlighting the importance of paying attention to details and clues in unraveling mysteries.

As we explored the intricate world of A Discovery of Witches chapters 7 – 11, we uncovered layers of intrigue, character dynamics, and the looming mysteries surrounding Ashmole 782. Join us next week as we dive into chapters 12 through 16, where tensions between Diana and Matthew are sure to escalate. Share your thoughts with us on Instagram at suchafunread or via email at suchafunread@gmail.com. Happy reading!

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