Coach Wishlist 2021

Coach Cassie

As I mentioned in my luxury wishlist post, I have a bit of a current Coach obsession. I had not looked at this brand in years, I actually took a few years off of looking at any fashion houses. I may have mentioned that previously. But looking at it now, has me wanting all of the things. Shoes, ready to wear, and of course bags. With that, I wanted to bring my Coach 2021 wishlist.

I\’m trying to be as responsible as possible and not purchase all the bags at once. My last Coach bag purchase was in July. I did purchase a pair of sneakers yesterday. One of my birthday gifts to my self. They are going to let me know when the pillow tabby comes in stock so there might be an unboxing soon. Also, I hear there will be new bags released in the next couple months. But until then, I will continue to enjoy my Cassie and Ergo. I\’m sure this list will grow.

Here is my Coach 2021 Wishlist:

  1. Willis Top Handle (coach.com)
  2. Rogue 30 (available soon? hopefully!)
  3. Lorimer Bootie (coach.com)
  4. Cora Loafer Pump (coach.com)
  5. Pillow Tabby (coach.com)
  6. Soft Tabby (coach.com)
  7. Beat Saddle Bag (coach.com)
  8. Duffle 16 (coach.com)
  9. Signature Cardigan (coach.com)

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