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Hello everyone! After spending the majority of my time at home for the past year and a half with everything that is going on, I had more time to discover new to me as well as old favorite tv shows. I wanted to put a list together of my favorite tv shows to stream if you are looking for a new binge or a new show to discover on a weekly basis, because let\’s be real, binging isn\’t the only option.

Downton Abbey
Streaming Service: Amazon Prime Video, Peacock TV

I came to the party late with Downton Abbey. Something that happens to me sometimes. I still haven\’t watched Outlander. Don\’t worry. It will happen. I read the first book and really enjoyed it. This isn\’t about Outlander though. We are talking about Downton Abbey which has become one of my top 3 favorite shows of all time. The story, the characters, the fashion. This show will also pull at your heart strings. And as you can see, there are a plethora of streaming services to choose from to watch.

Streaming Service: HBO Max
The Final Season of this show is coming soon. What better time to catch up or re-watch a hilarious favorite of mine. The comedy follows the lives of black women living in LA. I am hopeful the last season will be as good as the others and also as hilarious.

Doctor Who
Streaming Service: HBO Max

I mentioned earlier how Downton Abbey was one of my favorite shows of all time. Doctor Who happens to be number one on that list. I love this show. I remember the first time I started watching it when it was on Netflix. After the first episode, my thoughts were that this was the most amazing, ridiculous show I have ever seen and I continued watching. This is in regards to NuWho (the revival that started in 2005). I\’ve only seen a few episodes of Classic Who but it is on my list to watch.

Crash Landing on You
Streaming Service: Netflix

This is a more recent show I watched and my first K-Drama. When I say you should just go ahead and start watching this if you haven\’t already, you really should. The story follows a woman from South Korea that finds herself stranded in North Korea trying to find a way home. A lot of emotions.

Gangs of London
Streaming Service: AMC+

I know that AMC+ is just another streaming service to sign up for. But when I tell you that this show is worth it, this show is definitely worth it. I found this gem within the last year and I binged all of it in a day. There is currently only one season, but I\’ve heard there are more to come. The show follows a crime family after the head of the family was killed. There are other great characters woven in as well. The acting is so good and the story is top notch.

A Discover of Witches
Streaming Service: AMC+

Another top notch show on AMC+. The show is an adaptation of one of my favorite book series: All Souls Trilogy. There is a witch that doesn\’t want to be a witch, an Ashmole manuscript, other witches, vampires, rules that are meant to be broken, I mean followed. I love that this adaptation respects the book series. I will always recommend the book over an adaptation, but why not just do both.

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