Favorite Items Purchased Last Winter

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The winter season has come and gone and spring is upon us. Time to put the winter coats away. Time for the snow to leave us for a while (hopefully). But before we leave winter behind us, I know a lot of people want to do so; I want to discuss some of my winter favorites: favorite items I purchased this past winter.

The last favorites post I made was last summer. I didn’t get around to making one of these for the fall season so some of the stuff may carry over. My winter was spent mostly at home. I did get out to the movies a few times and purchase a few things; mostly online, but I’m hoping I’ll get out more this spring. 

Without further ado, here are my favorite items I purchased this past winter:

1. Gucci Ophidia GG Medium Tote

I was going back and forth between this tote bag and the LV neverfull as I mentioned in my LV luxury wishlist post. The neverfull I wanted at the time, and possibly still do, is the monogram version. I felt like this worked for me all year round and the non-treated leather straps of the neverfull would be better for summer. 

I am normally not a logo person, but the Gucci Ophidia logo feels very neutral and goes with everything. Well, maybe not other logos so much, but you understand what I mean.

I really like this tote bag and used it a lot in the winter, especially when I was going into the office. It is a great alternative to the neverfull if anyone is looking for one. Plus, with the price increases, it is about $700 cheaper. 

2. Coach Citysole Court Sneaker

One of my birthday presents to myself was a pair of designer sneakers. I had been looking at these Coach sneakers for a while and I was very happy to decide on these. Very comfortable shoes. They can run a half-size down as well. 

I thought about getting a second pair recently because I love them so much, but after going on the website, it looks as if others seem to love them as well. Most of the sizes are sold out. I’m not sure if they will reproduce them or if Coach will announce a new design soon. I will be keeping my eye on Coach’s sneakers moving forward. 

3. GG Marmont Card Case Wallet in rose beige letter

My other birthday present to myself. I wanted to get a luxury wallet. One that I would have for a few years. Not my only wallet because SLGs are just too cute, but something in the rotation. I decided on this one after doing some research and choosing this one over one from Dior. I really like the Dior saddle card holder, but being able to see the Gucci card holder in person swayed me. 

It is a very compact wallet, which helps it fit inside of all types of bags. Has a few card slots and a zipper compartment that you can put your coins in. I don’t necessarily have a lot of coins anymore, but it is useful for when I do.

4. Banana Republic Water-Repellent Puffer Jacket in caramel

I had never really shopped at Banana Republic before, but that has now changed. This coat is rather soft, rather warm, and fits me well. I have another coat I purchased around this time that is really nice, but this coat was just so easy to grab. Besides, I wasn’t going anywhere special where I would be dressed up. Maybe next year. I love the color of this coat. I was big on neutrals this past season. 

5. Dooney & Bourke Florentine Mini Satchel

Finally! Something I had on my wishlist has shown up. This bag has always been beautiful to me and I pulled the trigger when it was on sale on the Dooney website. It fits my top handle needs currently (although, I’m looking for a black top handle bag now. That’s for another post though). The color is beautiful and the leather is going to patina very well over time. 

Those are my favorite items I purchased this past winter. Bags, new wallet, shoes, and a new coat. Sounds about right. Let me know what some of your favorite purchases were.

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